The art of communicating with a dog


Main result:
This course will help you become an authority figure in the eyes of your dog and solve any problems in your pet’s behavior.



What you get:

  • Your dog will become obedient and attentive to your commands
  • Correct your dog’s destructive behavior
  • Reduce the stress of interacting with your dog
  • Be admired by other dog owners
  • Feel calm and confident
  • Learn pack leader skills
  • Gain friends and associates
  • Learn basic principles of dealing with emotions
  • Gain new experiences and tremendous energy

  •  The foundation of a good relationship with a dog
  • How to avoid mistakes in raising a dog
  • Bringing the family together. Forming and adopting common rules
  • Stats. How to get respect and obedience from a dog
  • Body language, and how to use it to read a dog’s intentions
  •  Physical influences in correcting a dog’s behavior
  •  Auditory influence in correcting a dog’s behavior
  • Using a dog’s nose and taste to correct a dog’s behavior
  •  Aggression and fears
  •  Preparing for the holidays
  • Live lesson on various topics



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