Not a biter – the solution to a biting dog


Main result:
The dog will not attack or bully pets. Does not bark at people. Remains calm at the sight of strangers. Completes all of your restraining commands.



What you’ll get:

  • The dog will stop “playing around” to the point of serious biting
  • The dog will not be aggressive towards pets
  • The dog will clearly understand who is boss and who needs to be obeyed
  • The dog will learn to instantly obey forbidding commands

Module “See, Hear, Do!”
– Commands and markers
– Feeding on command
– Getting in and out of the house/apartment
– How to keep/stop from the bed/sofa
– Optional
Outcome: Your dog will learn to perform basic commands with ONE time. You will learn “exercise” skills to maintain your dog’s longevity and health.


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