Free leash


Main result:
In the Free Leash Course, your dog will walk beside you on or off leash and you will have a comfortable walk.



What you will get:

  • The dog will stop pulling on the leash.
  • Your dog will walk beside you on walks without a leash
  • Determine your dog’s true motivation and train him
  • Share a chat with like-minded people forever

Detailed description
Moving alongside or on a sagging leash is first and foremost a comfortable walk. After all, that’s what you got your dog for – the pleasure of walking together. But that’s not the only reason why it’s important to teach your pet to walk without a taut leash. Moving on a taut leash results in irreversible changes to the spine. This can noticeably empty your wallet if you take the situation to the extreme. Plus future pain for the animal and a shorter life span if there is constant pressure on the cervical vertebrae or if the dog is used to hanging from the harness. Teach the dog to walk side by side and not pull.
You will work individually with the handler on the problem and correct the training deficiencies. Friendly support on a daily basis is the key to excellent results.


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