Sports Obedience


Main result:
The course will help you prepare for competition and perform at a high level.



What you will get:

  • Learn the types of motivation needed in sports obedience
  • Understand what states a dog needs and how to get them
  • Know how to condition your dog to do an exercise
  • Learn the steps of dog preparation and training regimen
  • Become familiar with the criteria for moving around
  • Improve how to apportion
  • Understand how to teach offence exercises 2,3Video recording of 9 seminars with answers to questions and practical video examples
  • Motivation
  • State of the dog
  •  Starting point
  • Training structure and mode of preparation
  •  Movement around
  •  Package
  • Training for the competition
  •  Handling
  • Obedience 2,3


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